Create your own personalized app and stay connected with your audience at every moment. Vlogr is made for everyone: content creators, businessmen, media personalities...It's easy to use and can be adapted to your particular needs. With your new app you will be available 24/7/365 always up-to-date and informed about your target market.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Creating a blog and adding media is as easy as posting to any other social network.

Social Feeds

Social Feeds

Everything you post on your social media will instantly be visible on your app. You can sync You Tube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Easy Manage

Easy Manage

Vlogr is simple and easy to manage. You can do it on the go.

Accessible to your audience

Vlogr allows you to distribute your content faster and easier than ever. Your audience will carry you in their pocket.

With your own personalized app be in touch with your audience all the time, available at any moment.

Since January 2015 from smart devices came 55% of internet traffic, of which 47% came directly from apps and the number is progressively/constantly increasing!

Katerine WhiteThis App is probably the next revolution. Give it a try!
Katerine White
Fully customizable

Fully customizable

Literally. Make your app unique in every way and bring your brand closer to your users.

Always Notified

Always Notified

With push notifications you will be able to instantly notify your audience about news and updates.

Let them fall for you

Let them fall for you

Take advantage of many functionalities of Vlogr apps and engage your followers the right way.


Everything in one place

Everything you post on your social media will instantly show on your app. Have your blog posts, tweets, videos and media available for your audience all in one place.

Create and improve your brand image making it more accessible to your audience. Manage your content on the go from anywhere around the world.

Take advantage of growing usage of smart devices and increase your popularity reaching your target audience easier and faster than ever. Be accessible. Be everywhere. Be anytime.

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